Hill Station

Saroma offers an exclusive custom made package to experience the Blue Mountains where a cooling mist wraps itself around the spice-covered hills of the Kerala… a distinct tusker’s noise announces a call by the serene lake….

As the sun goes down on the hill crested horizon, and the gin-and – tonic in your hand spreads warmth harmonized by the serenity of these enchanting hill stations of Wayanad, Munnar, Idukki and Wagamon you cannot escape appreciating Saroma’s personalized attention….

Munnar: Munnar is Kerala's most famous hill station perched at an altitude of 5000 ft in the Western Ghats. It is also the center of Kerala's premier tea-growing district aptly known as the High Range. Tea is Munnar's claim to fame. More than 12000 hectares of lush, manicured tea fields form an irresistible canvas against which honeymooners pose. Stately Eucalyptus plantations sway gently in the wind with their fragrance wafting over Munnar and Shoal trees hug the mist-shrouded hillsides, sheltering many highly endangered species of wildlife. More information on Munnar

Wayanad: Home to exotic legends, ancient ruins, mysterious mountain caves, aborigine tribes, hidden treasures, tree houses, jungle trails and exotic wildlife, this is a perfect setting for a hundred great adventures. Dominated by the Western Ghats, Wayanad's terrain is characterized by the extensive stretches of wilderness and has a distinctive characteristic of its own. More information on Wayanad

Pakshipathalam (Wayanad): Located deep within the forest in the Brahmagiri hills at an altitude of more than 1700 mtrs, Pakshipathalam is a formation of large boulders, some as tall as two-storey building. The deep caves found here are home to a wide variety of birds, animals and distinctive species of plants.

Vythiri (Wayanad): Vythiri is an unassuming little town and there are quite a few interesting places in which to stay here, many of which merge completely with the forest environs. All the places that a tourist might like to visit are within a 40km radius of the town. It makes a befitting playing for our imagination.

Nelliyampathy (Palakkad): At 4600 ft above sea level, Nelliyampathy can be described as a tiny hill station for its foothills is lined richly with coffee, tea and orange plantations. The presence of the swamps of Nelli (gooseberry) trees, are said to have given Nelliyampathy its name. Spending time here is all about soaking in the hills, spotting wildlife or savouring the beautiful panorama from vantage points around the place.

Thekkady (Lord of the Jungles): Thekkady derived its name from thekku (teak) trees, which is abundant here, and there is an irresistible charm in watching majestic elephants and bright-eyed tigers in an environment, which is truly theirs. The sprawling Periyar Tiger Reserve, which is located here at an altitude of 2900 - 6000 ft, is the largest sanctuary in the state of Kerala. Declared as a protected area way back in 1933 by the Maharaja of Travancore, the sanctuary covers an area of 777 sq kms. Coffee and spice plantations are also seen here.

Vagamon:It is located in the Sahya range of the Western Ghats in Idukki's border with Kottayam. The cool air and easy placidity makes Vagamon one of the most beautiful hill station of Idukki. It is famous for a string of three hills, each dedicated to three different religions (Hindu, Muslim & Christian) and all of them co-existing peacefully.