Family Fiesta

Saromas Family Fiesta Holidays are our way of saying; you don’t always have to travel back in time for creating great memories just indulge in our ‘Family Fiesta Packages’ with your family. Saroma specializes in great family holidays with a blend of experienced professionals and world class tour programmes. Our services include transportation in private deluxe air-conditioned coaches, accommodation, professional travel consultants to help you and activities to make the trip a memorable one.

Life these days is always set on fast forward - You wake up living for the future and hardly get to enjoy the present. There are meetings to attend, bills to pay and the children's trust fund to be taken care of... Sit for a moment and think back to the time when you were the happiest - the answers would probably astonish you. An expensive watch wouldn't be on the top of the list as compared to a good memory of the family enjoying some quality time together.

Family - you have one of your own now and you still have one that you grew up in - your Parents, Uncles and Aunts, Cousins, Brothers, Sisters, their kids..... These are the people who really count! Those who don't believe in the concept of "a profitable relationship" - what matters to them is a "loving" one.

Saroma Holidays - a leader in value travel sets the standard for great family holidays through a combination of experienced tourism professionals and managers coupled with Saroma's world-class programs, services and activities for the entire family!
The Saroma Advantages:

  • A wide network of holiday consultants.
  • Personal attention to our clients.
  • An intimate knowledge of the destinations in our packages.
  • Owned Resources.
Our Family holidays give you the perfect balance of relaxing and enjoyable activities without having to worry about the small but important details like - safety, travel, accommodations and hygienic food.

We offer professional services, but the hospitality is part of our lives.
You don't always have to travel back in time for the best memories!....
Saroma "Family" Holiday packages are our way of saying "when it comes to creating great memories - nothing beats a Happy Holiday together!" A unique concept brought to you by our Holiday planning experts. We have created different holiday packages to suit your tastes - if large family get-togethers at some exotic destination is what you are looking for or a smaller family holiday with an inexhaustible range of activities for the kids and elders.

A Fantastic range of holiday destinations ....
Meeting the entire family during a festival, wedding or holiday?We have fabulous holiday ideas for you! A sneak peek at "Some of the Ideas" should get you to pick up that phone and contact any of our travel consultants near you!
Idea # 1 Boating Adventure in Allepey, Kerala - Enjoy the comforts a luxury houseboat, sumptuous cuisine and breath-taking scenery. Witness the various traditional arts with various artists performing aboard the boat exclusively for you. Entertainment for kids is available through our assortment of games, books, movies and music and also stop-overs for bonfires and barbeques at the various Islands and private beaches! Ahoy!
Idea #2 Beat the Blues at Sentosa, Singapore - This popular Island resort packs the best activities at one spot! From adventures on cable cars, go-karting, to witnessing nature in wild-life parks and underwater walkways, witness the future in a 4-d theatre or tuck into world cuisine - Believe us when we say - You will want to stay forever at Sentosa,Singapore!
Idea # 3 Arabian Nights in Dubai,UAEIdea # 3 Arabian Nights in Dubai,UAE - The city with its perfect blend of the old and the new keeps you on your toes and off it! You can go on a shopping marathon and get the best bargains or relax aboard a traditional boat enjoying great food. Dune bashing or belly-dancing? Count the stars in the magical desert sky or enjoy the bright city lights while partying the night away - the choice is yours!

The care never ceases...
Whether you choose to witness the elephant races in Kerala or witness the past in the museums of Singapore, the itinerary may differ but our services remain the same - perfect!
Saroma will take care of all your family members travel needs from their respective starting points to the holiday spot and until the time they go back home again - happy and full of memories!

Services include:

  • Travel - Our travel consultants are available across the globe and will handle the entire families travel arrangements from their respective point of residence to the destination and back.
  • Transportation - To/Fro airport and throughout the holiday - private deluxe air-conditioned coaches are available for your comfort
  • Accommodations - Clean, comfortable and safe.
  • Help on the way - Professional travel consultants to help you plan your holiday and offer traveling tips, local hosts to help you while you vacation and hosts to assist you at the airports and hotels.
  • We offer the extra features and activities to make the trip memorable and full of experiences and also give you the option of having your own private time with the family without being overly intrusive

For an unparalleled family holiday experience that adds value to your life, please feel free to Contact us at anytime.