Saroma Houseboat

Come and experience our ‘House Boat Tours’, travellingin the midst of the serene backwaters or the gorgeous rivers and lakes across India. Get a feel of picturesque surroundings and tranquilatmosphere.Tours in “Saromas Houseboats” are very well-liked among tourists and nature lovers.We have the best fleet of boats with a unique and unmatched feature of being - the only houseboatin India with a swimming pool on the roof top and which can house around 30 guests at atime. Enjoy the beautiful and serene marine surroundings or sail through the winding rivers with themountains at the backdrop, or laze in the midst of a picturesque surrounding.Who says a house has to stand still? It's said that "Kerala, once visited, is never forgotten" -They forgot to add "Once in Kerala you forget everything ELSE!"
The landscape is a refreshing cocktail of the exotic andmystical with just the right dash of contemporaryelegance - intoxicatingly refreshing!Time doesn't stand still here - it takes a leisurely stroll....It's not easy making a choice for the perfect holidaydestination. Do you go for a locale that gives you anout-of-the-box experience by taking you into the past ordo you go for one that gives you comforts of the present? With Saroma holidays - you don't have to make thatchoice!Sometimes you can have your "coconut" and eat it too!Taking you on a luxury cruise into the heart of Allepey-lush green paddy fields, traditional river sports andknown for its beautiful backwaters; the place is truly a paradise waiting to be explored.
Experience - living in you very own luxury houseboat
Enjoy - being pampered by our hospitality
Embrace - life once again!

The Journey....
Taking you through the pristine backwaters of Kerala - the banks adorned by emerald green fields,majestic palms, traditional huts and exotic birds. The river on the other hand is accessorized byquaint Islands and friendly fishermen.
The Vessel....
Experience living in a traditional houseboat originally known as Kettuvallams. These boats, onceused for transporting goods from the interiors to the major ports are now refurbished intocomfortable homes keeping alive the grandeur of the past.Constructed from eco-friendly material, the Saroma houseboat stands as a tribute to aestheticvalues, exquisite craftsmanship and care for the environment. One of the few boats with a gold starrating - this is the only houseboat with a roof-top swimming pool and can house 30 people at a time.

Other features include:

  • 2 luxurious double bedrooms
  • Modern bathrooms
  • Well-equipped kitchenette
  • Spacious dining area
  • Open deck for sun-bathin
  • Lounge
  • Skilled and friendly staff

The Saroma hospitality....
If you wish to feel at home - then why travel?
Saroma houseboat's is one of less than ten in the 'gold star' category. Having own resources - be they properties, vehicles or liaison offices - helps us maintain better quality standards and gives you the benefit of easier customization.
Saroma places its focus on hospitality combined with international quality and reliability.
Holidays with Saroma translates into a holiday for the mind, body and spirit. Added perks may include increased pleasure and lasting memories.

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