Romantic Escapes

Escape into the romantic and exotic destinations of the world…
Escape into the world’s most romantic get- a- ways…
Escape the routine and take a stroll through the rustic and serene destinations hand in hand with your loved one ….

Relive your romance or get to know each other whatever may be the reason Saromas Romantic Escapes Packages is a perfect combination of luxury,privacy,exotic locales, cozy weekends, adventure treks to secluded jungles , secluded islands and many more. We have everything you wish for custom made with us.
Our services include planning, travel, assistance, accommodation, and any other facilities which you need,
So escape from the nitty- gritties of planning a holiday and ‘discover love…discover life’…

Tarzan and Jane, Vythiri
Misty mountains, majestic waterfalls, secluded caves, lush forests - it's no wonder why a jungle boy like Tarzan and a city girl Jane found love in the wilds. Wake up to the sounds of the water rushing below your window, enjoy a candle lit dinner in the Jungles or walk the solitary trail through aromatic coffee estates. The comfort is not compromised here nor is the romance!

Sun and Sea, Bekal
A quaint seaside village that exudes old world charm - that's Bekal for you! Explore the town that was once the gateway to Malabar, Soak in the sun at the virgin beaches , search the ancient fort for hidden artifacts or just indulge in the luxury at the resorts we specially handpicked for your comfort. Rustic, relaxing and really Romantic!

Rivers and Romance, Alleppey
Rightfully known as the Venice of the East - Alleppey's landscape is dominant with water. Beautiful beaches, fresh water lagoons and rivers spot the entire place. Find passion aboard your very own luxurious houseboat while you drift as though in a dream along the backwaters of Alleppey. Bonfire on a beach, dancing on deck, swimming on board, dinner on an Island - Your first honeymoon in Alleppey will definitely not be your last!

Honeymoon and Hills, Munnar
It's one of the few spots where a rare exotic flower blooms once ever 12 years, and it's the perfect spot to let your love bloom forever! Pristine valleys, spice scented hills , unique flora and fauna - welcome to your bit of paradise on earth! Adam and Eve couldn't have asked for better! If you enjoy a quiet romantic getaway in one of the most beautiful location on earth - this would be it!

Wild and Wonderful, Thekkady
The place is so unique in its natural setting it doesn't resemble any other wildlife sanctuary! The crisp, cool air should get you rejuvenated and witnessing the magnificent creatures in their natural surroundings is an experience you should not miss! Wild Boat rides, Bird watching, exploring spice farms, take pictures of tigers and elephants and come back to the luxury of your suite and unwind at the spa or tuck into a fabulous meal. A Wild romantic adventure designed to waken up your sleeping spirit!

Hip and Happening, Kovalam
A well-known spot that attracted hippies - the generation that practiced free love is now turned into the perfect spot for lovers. Coconut groves swaying over a crystal blue sea and pristine white beaches is the perfect setting for you and your loved one to indulge in some great food, fresh coconut liquor and a soothing massage at the many Ayurvedic spas that dot the place. Love to explore? Go snorkeling with your partner! The coral reefs are a sight worth taking in and who knows you may be lucky enough in finding some hidden treasures !

ROMANTIC ESCAPES - Escape into love at some of the world's most romantic spots!
Honeymoon? Anniversary? Or do you just need a good reason to relive the romance in your marriage? Saroma Holidays has handpicked some of the best romantic spots across the world to ignite the sparks of love!

The Saroma Advantages:

  • A wide network of holiday consultants.
  • Personal attention to our clients.
  • An intimate knowledge of the destinations in our packages.
  • Owned Resources.
Our Romantic holidays are the perfect combination of luxury, privacy and exotic locales that every couple wishes for during their holiday together.From cozy weekends on a secluded Island to an adventure trek into the deep jungles, we have designed our packages to suit every palette!

The Saroma hospitality...

Planning your weekend together can dampen the romance. When you worry over flight tickets, transportation, and accommodation and rack your heads for creative ways to enjoy the time together - that's where we step in!

We plan your holidays for you after finding out what is it that delights you and your spouse. Everything from the transport to the airport/railway station to your menu preference and activities is taken care of so that all you both have to do is - Enjoy!

Services include:

  • Travel - Our travel consultants are available across the globe and will handle the travel arrangements from your respective point of residence to the destination and back.
  • Transportation - To/Fro airport and throughout the holiday - private deluxe air-conditioned coaches are available for your comfort
  • Accommodations - Clean, comfortable and safe.
  • Help on the way - Professional travel consultants to help you plan your holiday and offer traveling tips, local hosts to help you while you vacation and hosts to assist you at the airports and hotels.
  • We offer extra features and activities to make your trip pleasurable and also give you the option of choosing to do as you please so you can enjoy your moments together in complete privacy

Discover love and discover life with Saroma's Romantic Escapes! Feel free to Contact us for further information on where to go and what to do for your romantic holiday together!

......And they lived happily ever after!