Water Wall

The woods of the Western Ghats interspersed with large and small waterfalls that cascades down the mountains with a snarl, murmur and splatter …….

As you travel to the diverse destinations in Kerala, you will go by these slender and bewitching waterfalls. Saroma allows you to spend time here and to let the uplifting and cool ambiance revitalize you……

Tusharagiri waterfalls (Wayanad) : The waterfalls and the little streams in this hillly region are a natural feast for the eyes. The water drops at two levels � the top one being the most beautiful of them. To reach the top one has to trek for about 30 mins from the base of the falls.

Sentinel rock falls (Wayanad) : Locally known as Soochipara, this is a very popular leisure destination. While younger visitors love to romp in the pool formed at the fall, the more restrained can have equally good fun just taking in the scenery.

Kanthanpara (Wayanad): Relatively smaller than Sentinel Rock and rather less frequented, Kanthanpara and its surroundings are nevertheless very pleasant. An easy hike away from the main road, it is perfect for picnics.

Meenmutty falls (Wayanad): An interesting 2 km jungle trek off the main Ooty road, Meenmutty is the largest and the most spectacular waterfalls in Wayanad. A unique feature is that the water drops about 300 meters over three stages.

Athirapally (Trichur): The Chalakudy River plunges down 80ft transforming it into an extraordinary billow of white forth.

Vazhachal (Trichur): Though not as spectacular as Athirapally, Vazhachal has its own charm. Near the waterfall is a medicinal herb garden with plants that can cure arthritis, skin diseases and blood pressure. The waterfall is open only between 8am and 6pm and swimming is not allowed.
Cheeyapara (Munnar) : The Cheeyapara Falls plunge from a height of over 500 ft right next to the highway � a popular bathing site for tourists eager to rid themselves of the grime and dust of the plains.

Valara (Munnar): Just a kilometer away from the Cheeyapara Falls, this waterfall cascades tumultuously into a thickly forested ravine below the road.

Athukkad (Munnar): Located deep in the valley, its one of Munnar's major lures. The Athukkad falls, which becomes a roaring, untamed cascade when the monsoon peeks in July � August is an enduring sight.

Palaruvi falls (Kollam): These falls are a slender thread of water falling from a height of 300 feet. The name Palaruvi translates to �Stream of Milk". The water collects in a little pond below where bathing is allowed. To get to the falls, you'll have to take a narrow road through the woods, which is level at first and then goes uphill.